Zaza Hammock Instructions

Congratulations on your new Zaza Hammock!
We hope you enjoy our hammocks as much as we love making them.

Please read the following instructions carefully before installing and using your hammock to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for your child and yourselves.

Contents of your new hammock Pack

Your new hammock should contain:

  • 1 Threaded Original Zaza Hammock
  • 2 Metal Karabiners (attached to the hammock)
  • 2 Extra ropes for hanging your hammock
  • 1 Matching Zaza Hammock bag.
  • 2 Bounce ropes + Karabiners (optional)

You will need to prepare:

2 Anchor points for your hammock:

If hanging from above, from a ceiling or between 2 walls, we recommend using high quality steel eye lags, the kind made for swing sets, that can be found in any hardware store.

If hanging from a branch or beam, the hammock comes with all you will need, just make sure if it’s a living tree you’re using, that you protect the branch with an extra layer of padding to make sure you keep it from being harmed by the ropes.  

Preparing a place for you new hammock

Zaza Hammocks are extremely versatile and can be installed in many different places:

  • Indoors or Outdoors
  • From the ceiling, between two adjacent walls, from a beam or a branch.
  1. Choose a safe place for your hammock:
    Your hammock will need 2 anchor points, installed safely:

    (a) From Above: at least 1.2 meters apart ( if using the hammock as a cradle, or swing).
    If you cannot hang the hammock from the ceiling, you can also install your anchor points from two adjacent walls.
    Your hammock will be in a corner so just watch out to keep far enough away from the walls.

    (b) Between two horizontal points (if using stretched out like a regular hammock).

  2. Remove all sharp or hard objects from the area around the hammock.

  3. Hang the hammock as close to the ground as possible,
    For children who can sit, stand or pull themselves up to stand, climb walk or crawl, we recommend placing a soft surface underneath the
    hammock to ensure the child’s safety and enable easy comfortable
    access to the hammock.

Setting up your ZAZA Hammock


Hanging from 2 points from above, when ropes are are ajusted to the same lenght, The Zaza Hammock NEST is a perfect place for a Daytime nap, or cuddle. To play pirate ship, or hide away and take a break.
For babies, toddlers, kids, anyone who can squeeze in.

For young babies, you might want to place a firm, standard sized sleeping pillow inside the hammock to create a flatter surface.
Always make sure your baby is safe and comfortable, laying in the hammock she should be cradled but supported, with her chin away
from her chest. 


To turn your Zaza Nest into a SWING,  for toddlers who can crawl or walk, for childern and for young adults.

Make sure the Karabiners (metal clips) are facing wide-side down.
Stand in front of your hammock, and pull down the two front ropes while pushing down the front fabric of the hammock (this is easiest using a knee or foot 🙂 ).
Then re-adjust the ropes along the fabric to fit the new shape of your ZAZA SWING.

To turn your swing back to a nest/cradle:
Stretch the fabric along ropes on the 2 sides, and re adjust the ropes till all sides are on the same level.


Just wrap the extra ropes that came with your hammock around 2 trees:

Fit one loop through the other and clip the karabiners to the edge.

You know the drill, just like any hammock.

Your child can climb in, or out, take an nap or read a book 

And the ZAZA Hammock won’t flip over.

It’s just the way we made it.

Adjusting your Zaza Hammock

Safety (makes the fun so much better)

Hammocks are great! We love them!

But please make sure to take the following precautions to keep your child safe while using our hammocks:


Always check the ropes, knots and fabric before placing a child in a hammock.

Make sure your hammock is anchored to a sturdy, stable location and that all the hardware is intact.

Keep sharp and hard objects away from your hammock.

Hammocks are not beds and are not meant for full time sleeping.  (We know, most children will fall asleep in the hammocks, with a bit of practice, transferring a child to her bed after she falls asleep is as easy as can be. )

Always make sure your child is safe and comfortable – laying in the hammock, she should be cradled but supported, with her chin away from her chest.

Do not place a baby in a hammock on her stomach, always on her back, with her face facing up.

Toddlers love climbing in an and out of hammocks! It’s a first step to independence.
Make sure your hammock is hanging low enough for your toddler to get in and out safely.
Place a padded surface underneath and teach her to climb in and out, its just like climbing a stair.

Caring for your Zaza Hammock

Zaza Hammocks can be machine washed .

Please remove the karabiners before washing your hammock.

Wash using a gentle cycle, 30°C. Sun-dry if possible.

Harsh weather conditions can harm your hammock – please do not leave your hammock out in the sun, rain or snow for long periods of time.

We recommend storing your hammock in it’s original bag when not in use.

Your Zaza Hammock has been made with love, using highest quality chemical free fabrics and top-quality hardware to ensure a long and enjoyable hammock experience.

Please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know how you’re doing.


The Zaza Hammock Team